About Us

Who we are

MANSH is a leading trading company as a part of group of companies conglomerate with business presence that spans across the continents, Asia and Africa.

Over the years, MANSH has built on its successes and has established eminence in seven economic frontiers: petroleum service, food industrial, oil labours camps, catering and retail restaurants. These core businesses are supported by the Group's significant interests in trading and distribution.

Our group is companies joined together to build an eminence chain of trading and manufacture including:

1- Egycamp
Egycamp is a market leading manufacturer which provides the Egyptian market and the Middle East with distinguished types of products and services concerning several sectors of business.
  • Egycamp is designing and producing.
  • Steel Caravans.
  • Mud Solutions.
  • Tanks, Piping, Steel Structure.
  • Production Equipment.
  • Drilling Accessories.
Accurate Integrated Petroleum Services Company (APETCO) is providing diverse services to Oil & Gas sectors in the Middle East. It has consolidated all upstream services both onshore & offshore. APETCO owns and operates a full suite of well services equipment. Currently, our main focus is in Libya, as a part of our expansion plan of building new suites in the region.
  • Coiled Tubing, Pumping, stimulation & N2 services.
  • Slick Line Services & Electronic Memory Gauges Services.
  • Surface Well Testing Services.
  • Early Production Facilities.
  • Mud Logging Services.
  • Work-Over & Drilling rigs.
  • Wellhead & Valves Maintenance Services.
  • Maintenance, Repair & Replacement of Well Testing Packages & Components.
SINAI objective consists of sampling geological layers to provide master geological logs and record real time drilling data and gas shows using electronics and computerized equipment.
  • Geological Control Equipment.
  • Pressurization System.
  • Unit Interior.
  • Internal Fittings.
  • Electric Supply.
  • Unit Accessories (Per Unit).
  • Air Conditioning, Two A/C Redundancy System.
  • Certification.
Due to the nature of the business & the necessity of a comprehensive service, CARE FOR CATERING is providing an excellent dietary solution for the petroleum sector.
CARE FOR CATERING is taking into consideration both the enterprise’s needs & requirements and the individual’s satisfaction. Therefore C4C is delivering a healthy and Efficient catering service an onsite for the duration of the contract, no matter how remote the locations. We are serving a variety of meals selected from and inspired by international cuisine to match the manifold of all our clients
5- DIS
DIS is a well-established company in Egypt and Africa since 2006 as an agent and distributor for tools, machine accessories and attachments as well as hand tools.
DIS is continuously searching for new development to further enhance its performance to satisfy its customers, and every day its employees are actively contributing to the brighter future of the customer and DIS. Streaming from these believes DIS is the soul agent & distributor of some of the biggest names in the industry.
MANSH as a professional trading company specialized in food industrials, has the interest to deliver top quality of food products, with its experience of selecting the quality of products to suit and match the local market needs.
Regarding to the local needs we secure the quality with the right price.
ONE OAK – Steak & Sushi Bar was born of the catch phrase“1 of a kind”, represents the ultimate restaurant innovation. We embrace diversity to create an atmosphere where each one of our customers can be their “one of a kind” self!

Our Vision

Why food industrials?
We aim to build on our experience, strengths and values to:
  1. Develop competitive and responsibly managed resources that meet or exceed regulatory standards
  2. Satisfy customer requirements with quality products and expand the customer base in domestic and international markets.
  3. Improve profit performance and returns to shareholders.
  4. Adopt a proactive approach that is based on collaboration, transparency, trust and open communication with stakeholders.
  5. Partner with groups and agencies to raise industry standards.

Our Mission

  • To provide food quality to everybody regardless of his ability of paying for it by providing the lowest wholesale price to retailers and out sourcing companies.
  • In the local market a lot of families struggle to provide nutritious Meal to their children every day but with our aim we help to deliver and nutrition food products with the lowest price on a trading margin.
  • Trader’s greed dominates the food industrials but we supply quality of food with the matching price.
  • Add a value of the food industrials in general and local market needs in a specific.
  • Providing the hospitals with the best quality, nutritious meal and the best price in the market.

Our Products Quality